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Tangshan new metallurgical mining machinery general manager Zhang Zhijian guest CCTV "Rising China" column
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Rising China 20201218 - Technological Innovation for Development

Crushing and screening equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that can break the mined rock and screen it according to certain specifications. After more than 50 years of continuous development, China's crushing and screening equipment industry has also made great progress. This guest Zhang Zhijian, he has been deeply ploughing the crushing and screening industry for many years, what are his own unique insights in the process of working?

Zhang Zhijian, general manager of Tangshan Xinye Mining Machinery Co., LTD. After graduation, he has been engaged in the crushing and screening machinery industry, working in the machinery factory from technician to chief engineer. After accumulating experience, he set up Tangshan Xinye Mining Machinery Co., LTD in 2006.

Tangshan Xinye Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. The company has more than 30 employees, 5 engineering and technical personnel, the workshop has CNC lathes, CNC vertical lathe, vertical machining center, cylindrical grinder, CNC plasma blanking and drilling positioning machine and other advanced processing equipment, shears and bending machines and other riveting and welding related equipment, there are a variety of related products and parts testing equipment and special testing test bench for exciters. It has one invention patent and 17 utility model patents.

At the recording site of the program, Mr. Zhang Zhijian, general manager of Tangshan Xinye Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the characteristics of the company's products. The products produced by the company mainly include crusher series and vibrating screen series, which are used in the crushing and screening link of metal mines, the complete production line of sand and aggregate, and the classification, dehydration and disconnecting link of coal washing industry.

At present, the European version of the jaw crusher produced by the company, that is, the PEV jaw crusher, the inlet is changed to a symmetrical arrangement, the movement parameters are adjusted, the feeding particle size is increased, the discharge port adjustment elbow Angle is consistent, and the structure is compact and reliable. The company now introduces thin oil lubrication, reliable sealing structure, good lubrication effect, very low operating resistance, many advantages for the reliable operation of heavy crusher to provide a strong guarantee. Single cylinder cone crusher, supporting automatic control, friendly human-computer interaction page, various sensor applications, to ensure that the equipment in good conditions for a long time to operate reliably, on the basis of existing products, continue to develop large-scale high-reliability products.

Vibrating screen is mainly divided into two categories, circular vibration and linear vibration. The two types of products all use thin oil lubrication, unique lubrication method, to ensure reliable lubrication, the use of non-contact sealing structure, to ensure the reliability of sealing and dust, to achieve maintenance-free operation, vibrating screen and shaker to achieve the full coverage of product models.

At the end of the program, Mr. Zhang Zhijian, general manager, concluded that in the future, the company will continue to adhere to the development concept of "innovation, pragmatism, integrity and win-win", to "focus, reliable, altruistic" as the business policy, to believe in "Heaven is healthy, the gentleman to self-improvement" as the enterprise creed, to "become the world's most competitive crushing and screening supplier" as the development goal. Determined to build a national brand, committed to industrial service to the country.

The Rise of China, issue 20201218

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