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Industry dynamics

Repair and maintenance of crusher
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Mining machinery and equipment have a life period, but this life period is also affected by a lot of human factors, about the environment also has some impact, the crusher is the same, whether in the daily operation process, we should pay attention to timely maintenance, good maintenance, now more and more crusher models on the market, but the basic principle is the same, The problems presented are basically the same, which is easy to analyze the problems presented in the daily crusher.

Crusher in daily life easy to present problems and solutions are as follows

1. The main bearing temperature is too high. May be lack of smooth grease, then need to add an appropriate amount of smooth grease; If the smooth grease is polluted, it is necessary to replace the smooth grease after cleaning the bearing; If the bearing is damaged, it is necessary to replace the bearing.

2. The discharge scale is too large. It may be that the crushing teeth wear too much, then the need to replace the crushing teeth or surfacing welding; If the side teeth are worn or dropped, replace them.

3. Crusher oscillation increase. May be bearing damage, replace; Gear coupling damaged, replace;

4. Reduced processing power or lack of motivation. Hydraulic coupler leakage, then add quantitative 22 turbine oil or 6 hydraulic transmission oil, if the coupler is broken, it needs to be replaced; If the feed is not uniform, then adjust the feed.

5. Can not actively reverse. The sensor is improperly installed or damaged, adjust or replace the sensor; If the sensor lead or connection is loose, connect the lead or tighten the connection.

6. The sensor protection system fails. The proximity switch is damaged or the wiring in the electric control cabinet is loose, then it is necessary to replace the switch or connect the line according to the wiring diagram.

In order to keep the crusher in good working condition, reduce the incidence of problems, improve operation efficiency and extend the service life, we need to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crusher, pay attention to the smooth maintenance and bearing maintenance of the crusher equipment, and prevent the crusher from "shutting down".

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