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Sand making machine series
Model Number:6X impact sand making machine, VSI impact sand making machine can be customized according to custome
Place of Origin:China Hebei Tangshan · Shiny Mining Machinery Co., LTD
Keywords:Sand making machine
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Working principle:

The material vertically falls into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine, and under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it collides with another part of the material that is divided in an umbrella shape around the impeller at high speed and breaks. After the materials collide with each other, they will form eddies between the impeller and the casing and collide and rub with each other multiple times to crush. They are discharged vertically from the lower part and screened out by the screening equipment to obtain the required particle size of the finished product.

Product Introduction:

The 6X sand making machine is a new generation sand making machine developed to improve energy utilization, reduce wear rate, extend maintenance cycle, reduce maintenance time, improve crushing efficiency and control level. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation, high output, high energy utilization rate, excellent product particle size, convenient maintenance and repair, and wide application, meeting the needs of modern sand and stone production.

Application scope: sand and gravel yard, concrete sand making, dry powder mortar, machine made sand, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

Materials: river pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartz, diabase, etc.

The VSI series high-efficiency vertical axis impact sand making machine is a newly designed achievement by authoritative German experts combined with the working conditions of China. It is currently a world-class high-performance sand making equipment produced in China. This machine is designed to provide high-quality sand and stone orthopedics for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, and concrete mixing stations. It is the preferred equipment in the field of artificial sand making and stone shaping.  
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