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Industry dynamics

What is the use of the jaw crusher
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Jaw crusher is a common crushing equipment, mainly used to break various materials into small pieces or powder. Its working principle is to break the material through the movement of two jaw plates, which has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and low maintenance cost. Widely used in mining, construction, chemical, electric power, water conservancy and other fields. Jaw crusher can be widely used in all kinds of materials, such as limestone, dolomite, talc, gypsum, coal and so on. In the field of mining, the jaw crusher can be used for crushing and grinding ore in the concentrator, and can also be used for crushing and grinding in coal, metallurgy and other industries. In the field of construction, jaw crusher can be widely used in concrete, brick, stone and other building materials crushing and grinding. In addition, the jaw crusher can also be used for fine and ultra-fine crushing of various materials, such as glass, ceramics, glass fiber and so on.

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