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Industry dynamics

How to divide crusher types?
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People who have some understanding of the mining industry know that there are many kinds of crushers that we use to break ore, but if we want to ask how to classify it, everyone may have a classification standard, and today we will take a look.

There are several kinds of crusher

1, fixed crusher and mobile crusher

According to the installation method of the crusher, we can divide it into two kinds: fixed and mobile. Before installing the fixed crusher, the cement foundation should be built first, and then the equipment is fixed on the cement platform using anchor bolts, while the mobile crusher equipment is installed on the mobile frame, which does not require infrastructure construction and can be worked on the site.

2, multi-stage crusher and single-stage crusher

Although they are broken stone equipment, but the feeding and discharging size is not the same, in order to achieve the purpose of sand making, some need more than one equipment cooperation, and some equipment only need one.

The crusher that needs to be used in the multi-stage crushing production line is the jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, rotary crusher, hammer crusher, impact sand making machine and so on.

Only one device is needed to complete the sand making task of the equipment are roller sand making machine, fine crusher, single-stage crusher, compound crusher and so on.

3, hard material crusher and soft material crusher

There are many kinds of ores in the mining industry, such as pebbles, basalt, granite, iron ore, etc., but also small hardness of limestone, coal gangue, talc, bluestone, gypsum, fluorite, etc., different hardness of stones to use different crushers.

Crusher that can break hard materials are jaw crusher, cone crusher, heavy hammer crusher, impact sand making machine, roll crusher, etc., suitable for crushing soft materials are impact crusher, fine crusher, single stage hammer crusher, compound crusher, etc.

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