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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics-What are the characteristics of sand screening mine machinery and equipment failure
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1. Potential

Sand washing and sand screening mining machinery will have various damages in use, which will cause changes in the structural parameters of the parts. When the damage develops beyond the allowable value of the parameters of the parts, the machinery will have potential failures. Therefore, even if the structural parameters of some parts exceed the allowable value, the functional output parameters of the machine are still within the allowable range, and the development from potential failure to functional failure generally has a long period of time. During this period of time, the development of damage can be eliminated or slowed down by means of lubrication, cleaning, fastening, adjustment, etc., so that potential faults can be controlled or even eliminated to a certain extent. The potential for mechanical failure can be reduced by maintenance to reduce the occurrence of functional failure, thus greatly extending the service life of the machine.

2. Gradual onset

With the passage of time, wear, corrosion, fatigue, aging and other use consumption are apparent, so the occurrence of mechanical failure is mostly related to the use of time. In use, the mechanical damage is gradually generated, and the structural parameters of the parts are also slow to change. The vast majority of failures can be tested and monitored by the instrument in advance, the probability of failure is related to the time of mechanical operation, the longer the machine is used, the greater the probability of failure. The gradual occurrence of faults makes most of the faults of sand washing and sand screening mining machinery can be prevented, and fault diagnosis and maintenance according to the situation are based on this basis.

3. Consumability

With the gradual deterioration of the aging degree of sand washing and sand screening mining machinery, there are more and more failures such as wear, corrosion, fatigue and aging. With the increase of use time, local fault removal although

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